Treat Your Feet.

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The Machines

All Garthenor socks are produced on restored World War 1 era sock knitting machines, which are hand operated. These machines experienced a boom at the turn of the 20th century, supplying troops across the world. Vast quantities were melted down or simply forgotten about as larger electronic machines became common.

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The Wool

All our wool is painstakingly sourced directly from the finest organic flocks in Britain, along with our own flock in Mid Wales. It is then graded here at Garthenor and processed at a certified organic mill in England before being inspected and knitted into socks or sold as yarn.

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Slow Fashion

These socks are built to last, however we understand that daily wear can produce holes, but don’t throw them away! Every pair includes a sock repair kit, which includes matching yarn, a darning needle and a step-by-step guide to the perfect repair. When they do eventually wear out though, being made of pure wool, they are 100% biodegradable.

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The Knit

With up to 16,000 individual stitches in a single Garthenor sock, you might believe that individually, they aren’t so important. We take the view that 1 wrong stitch can ruin a sock, so the quality of each has to be perfect. Producing each of these stitches by hand on the antique machines allows an exceptional level of precision which is reflected in the quality of the finished sock.

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Quality Finish

Every sock is hand finished and thoroughly inspected before dispatch to ensure it meets our very highest standards. The toes are hand linked to produce an exceptionally comfortable flat seam which is almost invisible after a few wears.

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The Collection


A calf length, snug fitting sock, with a contoured leg for a comfortable, supportive fit.

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A calf length relaxed fit sock, perfect for riding boots.

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Relaxed, over the ankle fit for the ultimate comfort. Perfect for day-to-day wear.

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Snug and supportive, this over the ankle sock is ideal for walking boots.

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