Undyed, Breed Specific

Organic Yarn


Our yarns are produced from wool sourced directly from the finest certified organic flocks in the UK, and are carefully blended to produce deep, heathery shades in an unrivalled undyed palette, across a range of weights.

Dyed, Breed Specific

Organic Yarn

Henorius, by Garthenor

Our passion for wool has led us to launch Henorius, by Garthenor Organic.

Masterfully dyed to our nuanced palette, Henorius continues to fly the
flag for 100% organic, breed specific and traceable yarns.

Number 1

Single Ply Laceweight

10 Undyed Shades Available

Number 2

Four Ply Weight

11 Undyed Shades Available

Number 3

DK Weight

15 Undyed Shades Available

Number 4

Aran Weight

13 Undyed Shades Available

Number 5

Chunky Weight

8 Undyed Shades Available

Number 6

Super Chunky Weight

10 Undyed Shades Available

Special Edition Yarns

Intensely local, limited edition yarns from Garthenor, sourced from single farms in the UK.


Single Farm Shetland, from the Shetland Isles

4 Undyed Shades Available



25 Shades Available



25 Shades Available


DK Weight

Coming Soon

Single Release Yarns

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.
We’ve hand selected these single batch, limited edition yarns to celebrate individual breeds and fibres. We’ve only produced them in ultra limited quantities, so snap them up whilst they’re here, they won’t be coming back.


Single Farm Poll Dorset, 4ply

6 Shades Available


Single Farm Llanwenog, DK

6 Shades Available


Single Farm Poll Dorset, DK

6 Shades Available


Single Farm Shetland, Aran

6 Shades Available


Single Farm Ryeland, Chunky

6 Shades Available