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March 23, 2022 4 min read

This week we've rounded up our UK stockists and compiled a list of them! We’ve got many more further afield but that's a blog post for another day. For now we’d just like to highlight our lovely local yarn stores from the country we call home.


We only want to work with companies who share our value of sustainable, traceable, and quality yarns so all of our stockists go through a long selection process. This selection happens four times a year and includes questions about the company’s ethics in regard to sustainability, but also about diversity and inclusion as well. Here’s the roundup…

1. Knit With Attitude

Knit With Attitude was one of our earliest stockists and is based in London. Maya is a Norwegian knitter and is the mastermind behind this fab indie yarn shop. She makes a real point of selecting only sustainable and ethical yarns for her business, but also for her personal projects.

2. Wild & Woolly

We also started being stocked in Wild & Woolly very early on and have been with them for many years now. Anna runs this shop in London, which has been dubbed ‘The most welcoming and helpful yarn store around’. What an excellent title! She really focuses on the traceability of her yearns which is why we’re the perfect fit!

3. A Yarn Story

One of our great friends and fab retailers is Carmen of A Yarn Story. She’s based in Bath and is very much a destination yarn store. Her focus is on luxury fibres which is why our carefully selected fibres from all across the UK (and the Falklands) are exactly what she wants lining her shelves!

4. Tribe Yarns

Milli of Tribe Yarns is another of our London stockists. She adores colour and all things rainbow! In her shop she has curated luxury yarns from all over the world. She’s on a mission to get the world “making” again! Milli is a self confessed yarn-snob but absolutely loves the smell of our yarn just as much as us! The sheep-ier the better!

5. Fine Fettle Fibres

Fine Fettle Fibres is a little yarn shop based in Morpeth. Judith owns and runs the shop which really values yarns with a story. We could write a book on our yarns, from sheep to skein, and this is why we love working with Judith. She focuses on British, local, and traceable yarns which is exactly what we are!

6. Yarn O’Clock

Yarn O’Clock is a friendly face in the Wilds of North Wales, based in a town called Mold. Anne runs this small boutique yarn shop and loves her British and Welsh yarns. She’s available for expert advice, workshops & all your knitting/crocheting needs. We love being stocked in a shop so close to home!

7. Find Me Knitting…

Deb of Find Me Knitting… is a also tech editor, meaning that her in-depth knowledge of patterns and their construction is second to none. She’s essentially a pattern genius and her fountain of knowledge is immense. Her shop offers a selection of curated yarns, and a friendly and knowledgeable service.

8. Knit One…

Knit One… is a small and gorgeous wool shop in Dolgellau, North Wales. The owner, Angharad, makes sure to provide a wide range of yarns to suit all makers but she also has a massive focus on British yarns. We’re so pleased to be stocked in one of our local shops and representing the creators of the area so well.

9. RiverKnits

Becci and Markus are the family team behind RiverKnits in Northamptonshire which focuses on an exclusive range of hand dyed yarns. We’re one of their few suppliers for their small selection of yarns. Their shop is in an old depot and it's absolutely beautiful!

10. Stitches & Cream

Stitches & Cream is a charming haberdashery in Falmouth, offering a range of high quality and sustainable products for all your knitting and sewing needs! Jane and Sandra (the owners) are sisters who’ve joined forces to create a beautiful shop which sells all manner of knitting and stitching items, with a particular focus on natural fibres. As an all-natural company we think we’re the perfect fit!

11. Tangled Yarn

Tangled Yarn is one of our more recent stockists. It's a quirky online shop, run by Rachel, selling indie yarn brands and dyes. She’s based in Stockport and loves supporting UK yarn producers. We think she’s fab and we love seeing what she’s been making with our yarns.

12. Northern Yarn

Finally, our other most recent stockist is Kate of Northern Yarn in Lancaster. She’s passionate about all-natural, all-British wools. She calls it ‘no plastic, just good honest wool’ and we couldn’t agree more! She’s a massive fan of supporting independent producers and farmers so we’re very pleased to be working with them.

We’re beginning to think we could organise a yarn-crawl all the way around the UK at this point! All of our stockists are absolutely fab and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them… we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Fancy your LYS being on this list? Click here to get more information about being a Garthenor Organic stockist.

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