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Our Team

We're a small but mighty team of makers, slowly building something meaningful in West Wales.

Come and meet us.


Founder, Co-Owner & Managing Director


When Sally started Garthenor Organic almost 25 years ago, there was no big dream to take the world by storm, just a simple goal of making great, local, organic yarn. She’s an experienced knitter, spinner, crocheter and crafter, and a total fibre expert. She’s responsible for crafting all the blends that become our yarns, and loves to work with rare and heritage breeds.

Sally is a maverick and a trailblazer, and is responsible for creating the world's first ever certified organic wool yarns. The standards didn’t exist, and she firmly believed they should, so much lobbying and pushing formed what has now been expanded into the Global Organic Textile Standards for wool.


Co-Owner & Creative Director


The second generation of Garthenor Organic, Jonny is committed to changing the yarn world into one of complete transparency. He’s forged strong relationships withfarmers, mills and dyehouses and firmly believes that the way to change the world is through connecting with people.

Jonny has always been a maker, and is our go-to machine fixer. From Chapman the worsted carder to Volti the big two-for-one twister, he’s always happiest underneath one of our machines tinkering away.


Machine Operative


Andy has three decades of experience in the textile industry, and this is his first foray into the world of spinning yarn. He’s the machinery aficionado of our mill, and never minds getting his hands dirty to repair a troublesome piece of equipment. He’s just as happy creating beautiful yarn, and his eye for detail means that all the yarn that leaves our doors has been lovingly made, perfect at every step. A South Wales native, Andy and Jonny can usually be found chatting about long-retired rugby players - needless to say, Andy’s favourite colour from our range is Poppy, like a Welsh Rugby jersey!


Pattern & Design Coordinator


Emily has long been a creative designer-maker and is continuing to enjoy that passion, further developing their skills as our Pattern and Design Coordinator. They firmly believe in the magic of making using wool and in the power of organic. A fibre/textile artist having practice in social change, community, sustainability and mindfulness in making, Emily is excited to be joining the growing Garthenor Organic community. They are an organisation pro, making them the ideal person to coordinate patterns and designs for us. Their favourite style is fairisle and we’re looking forward to seeing what they knit up with our kaleidoscope of colours.


Chief Shepherdess


Bob is a border collie who joined the family in 2011 as a puppy. Since then she has been earning her keep by maintaining exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. She is a pro cuddler, tail thwapper and puppy-dog-eyes giver. She can normally be found asleep on the sofa, frollicking in the pond, or chasing anything which dares flap its wings in her direction. Since moving operations down to Cardigan she’s taken up role as Chief Shepherdess, keeping a close eye on the flock during the day.